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Surviving Spirit Calendar 2014

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To book this speaker, please contact us at or 1-603-625-2136.

Rythea Lee

Rythea Lee is a professional dancer and multi-disciplinary artist [singer/songwriter/guitarist, artist] giving voice to personal and global stories of healing. She first began her healing process 17 years ago when she had her first flashback of childhood sexual abuse.  At that point, a doorway opened that would challenge her at the deepest level, slowly revealing memories of extreme abuse, torture, and violence.  Rythea used dance and theatre to work her way through the feelings in her body and utilized creative writing, painting, singing, song-writing, and any medium she could find to express herself. She also found a form of therapy called Inner Bonding® that made a critical difference in her recovery. She discovered that despite the pain and unraveling that came from facing the past, the truth of who she was came forward. She found that dealing with the truth of her history revealed a spiritual reality that gave her the strength to thrive and help others on a similar path.

Currently, Rythea has a private practice in Northampton, MA as an InnerBonding® counselor and also counsels people all over the country through phone sessions. She recently published a new book called "Trauma into Truth: Gutsy Healing and why It's Worth It" which is a resource for those on the healing path, includes original artwork, and is available at Rythea is co-teaching and directing a year long experiential training on trauma called the Heart of Empathy for continuing education for professionals that begins this fall. She is very excited to help others to assist trauma survivors in an authentic yet knowledgeable way.  Rythea loves to educate, inspire, and share the creative process with people from all walks of life. Her dance theatre company, the Zany Angels was created several years ago with Rose Oceania to model full expressivity through Performance Art.

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