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Surviving Spirit Calendar 2014

Available for a limited time

To book this speaker, please contact us at or 1-603-625-2136.

Zany Angels Dance Theatre Company

A dance theater company with a mission

The Zany Angels mission is to model and teach creativity and embodiment.  We accomplish this through workshops, trainings, performances, and events.

 The Zany Angels foster the expression of one's truth through movement, theatre, voice, and personal process.  We view this as necessary for development and as a source for community empowerment and joy. 

 We create an environment where personal stories are shared as part of a universal narrative that crosses barriers of gender, class, culture and sexual orientation.

Rose Oceania Bio


Rose Oceania made a conscious commitment to her healing from childhood trauma and sexual abuse after her first major flashback at age 27 when the powerful wall of denial came tumbling down. From that point forward, she actively sought out creative expression and therapy that allowed her to discover her core self and to begin the hard work of dismantling the lies, stone by stone, rock by rock that housed the illusions left from the pains of childhood. Rose now facilitates healing sessions that use movement, art, writing and the inner voices that live in the heart and the body looking for a safe place to speak and express their truth, their joys and their heartbreak. At the center of this work is helping others to connect with their higher self and the fountain of wisdom that flourishes within each one of us when we create an intention to listen deeply. Rose continues to perform, dance, write, paint, and sing as a vehicle of divine communication both for herself, her audiences and the occasional angel looking to listen. She is also a certified yoga instructor and is in the middle of being certified in Inner Bonding with Dr. Margaret Paul. Rose also draws from her extensive study of dance, drama, and art therapies. While she feels her healing journey has been filled with the intensity of confronting inner demons and feeling the grief of so much loss, she believes strongly in the power of laughter and creativity.


Rythea Lee and Rose Oceania


Rythea and Rose discovered each other in an Authentic Movement workshop while making what Rose calls "sacred mischief." They resonated with each other's common passion for bringing together spoken word, emotion, and theatricality into their performance work and life. They also recognized in each other a driving sense of urgency to heal as a service both for themselves and the many souls who suffer from deep childhood wounds. They founded Zany Angels Dance Theater to educate and open hearts on the issue of childhood trauma and now teach and perform Zany Performance Art, a unique practice which coaxes and nurtures the creative spirit through the mediums of movement, voice, theater and writing. Their performance work is funny, poignant, honest, sometimes sad, uplifting, and well "zany!”