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Deb on April 2010 Newsletter:

Hey Mike, You send such a wonderful newsy letter !!!! A treasure trove of info!!! Again thank you for all the resources, love it!!! Hugs Deb

Debbie C. on January Newsletter 2011:

Mike God bless You and You are always in my heart and prayers. The Surviving Spirit newsletter is a true blessing, Your work is excellent and I am proud to know You my friend. Be in touch, Debbie

Sherien on January Newsletter 2011:

Great newsletter. Thanks. Sherien

Rita B. on January Newsletter 2011:

Thanks for all you contribute. Rita

Denise on January Newsletter 2011:

Great info thanks Mike! Denise

Judith H. on January Newsletter 2011:

Hi Mike and thanks a lot for this, kind regards Judith

Deb on May 2010 Newsletter:

Mike, As always very useful and newsy info:-)

Maggie on May 2010 Newsletter:

Please find enclosed the excellent Surviving Spirit Newsletter- Please pass onto any colleagues that may find this of interest

Sheva on May 2010 Newsletter:

Thank you again Mike, Sheva

Corinna on May 2010 Newsletter:

Great newsletter filled with tons of resources. Corinna

Liz on May 2010 Newsletter:

Hi Mike, Your amazing that came just in time to perk me up Thank you

Judith on May 2010 Newsletter:

heartfelt thanks Mike for this and for the 2 mentions.

Cindy on May 2010 Newsletter:

Great Newsletter! Thanks Cindy